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Negaunee Irontown USA, water tower, photo by Kim Nixon

A two-day storm in April hits the Upper Peninsula on April 20 and 21st, 2009. I’ve had to work the day-job so shots have been taking while travelling, and honest, I was as safe as I could be. I pulled over for this shot.

Can you believe that tomorrow is Earth Day? I can’t believe I am competing in a 5k on Saturday. I tell you it all better melt. I think the trees in this photo are saying, “Heikki Lunta Went That Way!”

Heikki Lunta Went That Away, photo by Kim Nixon

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I have a series of photos called, In My Own Backyard. This shot is so priceless to me. The Mourning Doves have graced our apple tree, pond and waterfall but now they have brought another couple with them. Their peaceful coo coo is calming. This means the ice on the pond has melted. Spring may be here.

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Ore Dock reflection, photo by Kim Nixon

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