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Normally, I adore the Heikki Lunta fireworks over Teal Lake they hang and fall slow like syrup. But this year was unseasonably warm and they were “just fireworks” not fireworks in January’s sub-zero freezes. I forgot my tripod and had to capture images while holding my breath and praying. Seems attendance was low this year, too. The only good thing was my fingers and toes did not hurt with pins and needles and I did not have to breath thru a scarf (wink).

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Sledding with Liam I
Photographer: Grandma

Mike and I took Ceiri and Liam with us to Lakenenland last weekend. I loved watching my daughter play with my grandson. The blues were beautiful that day and we were all smiling on Saturday.

Sledding with Liam II
Photographer: Grandma

Liam works hard. But look closely, Momma is working harder. That’s Mike in the background clicking photos of what some people call Junkyard Art. Many of the pieces at Lakenenland are awesome and artful, intricate and detailed. Not a junky piece out there.

Sledding with Liam III
Photographer: Grandma

Liam is a good son though and makes sure momma is hydrated. There was lots of snow ingested that afternoon.

Sledding with Liam IV
Photographer: Grandma

All good things, however, must come to an end. I think Ceiri had to walk and pull Liam a little bit. No one pulled me. Not even Mike.

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Horsing Around



Today after Cross Country Skiing with Mike we headed to take photos of horses in snow. It was a lovely day and felt like Christmas. It was my first time on skis fitted to me. I had been frightened to go out alone and Mike came with to the Blueberry Ridge Pathway on County Road 553. Then visiting these horses after our ski-day felt like candy-icing on cookies!

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Luminaries by Ceiri


This is my yard illuninated for Christmas Night. My daughter, Ceiri made the ice-luminaries. The arbor was decorated by Mike and me. I wanted to have a warm welcome to Terry who will come home this evening, and to my grandson on Christmas.

For family photos visit The Dailies.

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