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Holmquist Mill on M-01, photo by Kim Nixon

Where on the map? Michigan Highway 01! I love this shot due to the snow. It shows just how hard winter has been. Taken on February 28, 2009 as we headed back to our parked car after the Outhouse Classic. We headed past Holmquist and headed toward Traunik and Eben before taking M-94 home to Marquette.

“Trenary is located in the center of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. 30 miles north of Escanaba and 30 south of Marquette. Coming from the south take US 41 to M-67. Coming from the North take US-41 or M-28 to M-94 to M-67. “ (source: Trenary Lions Club )

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Trenary 16th Outhouse Classic 2009, All Ages, photo copyright Kim Nixon

On the last Saturday in February the Outhouse Classic comes to Trenary. It is such an event that even The Travel Channel was present filming for a segment on extreme races that will air some time this summer. I was sure to take shots of the Travel Channel filming. But more important was the splash of color in February helping us all to have a Mardi Gras spirit complete with beads, costume, and raucous fun. The weather helped with temps in the 20s and blue blue skies. I tell you people get fired up over their outhouses in this town!

(hover over photos for titles and credits)

Trenary 16th Outhouse Classic 2009, Youth, Photo copyright Kim Nixon

Trenary 16th Outhouse Classic 2009, photo copyright Kim Nixon

Trenary 16th Outhouse Classic 2009, Travel Channel Filming, photo copyright Kim Nixon

Trenary 16th Outhouse Classic 2009, Thong Racer Back, photocopyright Kim Nixon

Trenary 16th Outhouse Classic 2009, Aflame, photocopyright Kim Nixon

Trenary 16th Outhouse Classic 2009, Engulfed, photo copyright Kim Nixon

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Founder's Landing and Winter Green, Photo by Kim Nixon

I spent most of February chasing blue ice and here we find green. Located just off the bike path in the Founder’s Landing area. I often walk here in the warmer months. I rarely walk here in the winter.

Almost Aerial, Gray and Blue, photo by Kim Nixon

Here I am taking a pseudo aerial shot. I am standing above the recreation building that houses a indoor picnic area and bathroom facilities. In the warm months there are picnic tables on top, a solid rail around the upper deck of this structure adds safety. Perfect handicap access to views of Lake Superior. I do home health work as my day job and I often park here, unload a stroller-type wheel chair and go for a spin on bike path, then eat lunch at a picnic table. The bathroom facilities are perrrrfectttt for wheelchair and two person use. Great Design! If you have a young family many people wade the waters here.

Founder's Outlet, Winter Blues, Photo by Kim Nixon

There is a creek that once was trapped underground. The watershed here has been restored and is nicely landscaped to prevent erosion. I do not know the creek’s name–please share if you do. The creek comes out on one-side of Gaine’s Rock. When revving up my fitness walk I go off bike path and over Gaine’s Rock and hop the creek. Be careful though, Gaine’s Rock is covered with posion ivy.

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You can be featured here at A Winter Journal!

The question is what became your favorite piece of winter gear or clothing. Write to kimnixonis@gmail.com and you can attach a photo (as long as you have the permissions and rights to do so). As I strove to be more active, more warm, and not the immovable winter beast on the hills I had a few finds. What about you?

What doesn’t work for you? What collects dust? What keeps the smile from your face? What could make it all better? Send these too!

These collected tidbits and treasures will be posted at the end of the month.

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Heading Out, photo copyright Kim Nixon


Day two of ice shots near Presque Isle. The fisherman pull out to the ice with trucks and put-in their boats. On shore ice plates pile up in pretty slabs of 5-7 inch thick ice. Mike and I were first out on Valentine’s Day and headed out again today. I was more enthralled with the boats than the ice on day two.

This boat headed out so fast that through my viewfinder it looked like he was pretty heavy in back and might swamp his boat. I shivered at the thought. It was about 18 degrees with a nice wind today. Parts of Superior had white caps, but the boats here had protection from the break wall.


Poling the Ice, photo copyright Kim Nixon


This next boat was a bright spot of color as clouds moved in. I wasn’t getting the blues out of the ice slabs that I wanted with the clouds piling up. To tell you the truth, Mike’s camera was catching all the color over the last two days. I was really struggling to get the February Blues that Mike has posted at his Flickr account.

In the background is a pocket iron ore dock and where they off-load coal for the power plant. The waters coming into Lake Superior at this location (from the power plant) often have the water misting with steam. The fisherman hit ice again soon enough, pole thru, and get to where a bit of open water remains. This varies from day to day. On Valentine’s day in the 30s offered much more ice. Today things were glazing up.


Painted 'N On The Town, photo copyright Kim Nixon

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Iconic Marquette Photos, copyright Kim Nixon

Iconic Marquette Photos, copyright Kim Nixon

Iconic Marquette Photos, copyright Kim Nixon

This is the most iconic image of Marquette. A study all local photographers eventually take.

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Kim Nixon on Snowtube, photo by Mike Hainstock

Kim Nixon on Snowtube, photo by Mike Hainstock

I spent today as a youthful 45-years-old. I went snow tubing, snow shoeing, went home and made grill cheese and Campbell’s Vegetarian Vegetable soup. I had energy and smiled. Mike took these photos and I will have more to follow later tonight and tomorrow on both blogs. I have a baby chocolate cake to go eat, first.

There was a young woman who went up the two rope before Mike and I. Her birthday is today, too! She is 36! We were both exhuberant. Youthful. Even though I am nine yeas her senior.

I love these photos of myself. I am proud of the weight I have been losing. I love the smile on m face. I like the play-fullness and I love the last photo where I am looking off to the future, toward the snow covered hills. I have given much thought to this milestone. I feel this is my mid-point. Where I may live past 90, and I hope too, the last 45 years were full of great things. I was a mother to three children. How do you top that. I suppose by being a grandma.

I earned my writing degree, graduated high school after having three kids, and mended fences with my past. I forgave many. I work on forgiving myself.

In the next 45 years I will work on my writing, my art. I want to give something back to those who have struggled in their earlier lives. I have a soft spot for those, who due to turmoil, could not grow-up slowly, safely, lovingly. I certainly made mistakes in my life. Now I have the grace of accepting that we are all imperfect beings. I only have this moment. This day. It is now that makes a difference.

I relaxed on that tow rope. I really did feel the moment. In the past panic took over the drive of ambition. That is not the same thing, drive is purposeful. Panic is fearful and very static and immobilizing. When we talk about “this moment” it is not a moment without a future. The future holds so much promise and hope.

My Birthday Hike is at The Dailies.

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