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The sun came out after a multi-day storm. I was thankful to catch the end of the day along Marquette’s lakeshore.


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USCG Mobile Bay, Coastie Curves, Photo by Kim Nixon

The USCG Mobile Bay broke the ice into Marquette’s Lower Harbor this weekend. The sun glittered on the fresh cut ice. I was surprised to see how thick the ice was 4-8 inches. I guess last weekend’s Ice fisherman were safe afterall. Whew!

This is a sure sign of spring’s coming! The Great Lakes shipping season will soon be underway.

USCG Mobile Bay, Ice Hulled, photo by Kim Nixon

USCG Mobline Bay, Prop, Photo by Kim Nixon

Fractured, Photo by Kim Nixon

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These photos were taken on the evening of March 14, 2009. The ice so thin it took less than a minute for an auger to rush through. Water was atop the ice, but so were many fishermen and women.

Green Bucket, photo by Kim Nixon

Winter is fading in the Upper Peninsula. We may have another storm or two. The thaw has certainly arrived, though. Warm enough to wear a light coat some days.

I have never understood the attraction to thin ice, or ice-fishing for that matter. I will wait for warmer temps and head out in a boat.

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Mike Scouts Shot, photo by Kim Nixon


Mike Frames Shot, photo by Kim Nixon

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Menacing February, Photo by Kim Nixon

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Heading Out, photo copyright Kim Nixon


Day two of ice shots near Presque Isle. The fisherman pull out to the ice with trucks and put-in their boats. On shore ice plates pile up in pretty slabs of 5-7 inch thick ice. Mike and I were first out on Valentine’s Day and headed out again today. I was more enthralled with the boats than the ice on day two.

This boat headed out so fast that through my viewfinder it looked like he was pretty heavy in back and might swamp his boat. I shivered at the thought. It was about 18 degrees with a nice wind today. Parts of Superior had white caps, but the boats here had protection from the break wall.


Poling the Ice, photo copyright Kim Nixon


This next boat was a bright spot of color as clouds moved in. I wasn’t getting the blues out of the ice slabs that I wanted with the clouds piling up. To tell you the truth, Mike’s camera was catching all the color over the last two days. I was really struggling to get the February Blues that Mike has posted at his Flickr account.

In the background is a pocket iron ore dock and where they off-load coal for the power plant. The waters coming into Lake Superior at this location (from the power plant) often have the water misting with steam. The fisherman hit ice again soon enough, pole thru, and get to where a bit of open water remains. This varies from day to day. On Valentine’s day in the 30s offered much more ice. Today things were glazing up.


Painted 'N On The Town, photo copyright Kim Nixon

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My Valentine, Mike Hainstock on Ice with Camera, photo by Kim Nixon

This morning is blue-grey as I wait for the sun to rise. The brightest splash of color in the backyard is the stained wood on the birdfeeders. It feels cold after the relatively warm temps of February’s Thaw. The return to winter always seems cruel but I know it will snow for at least two more months. The Seasonal Disorder has settled back in deeply. It tries to dissuade me from projects and crash dreams. I am fighting back.

This morning I head to work for a short shift then I am off until Monday at noon. Yeah! I promise some photos and a good long story, an inspration or two and maybe  surprise. Now you may have to check both here and at The Dailies to see all I have in store. Until then candy kisses and cupid dreams to you!

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