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I went for a hike/jog at Song Bird Trail, Marquette Michigan on Saturday March 13, 2010. The snowpack was holding on the paths but many patches of ground showed even under the pines. The day was cold, damp, and misty. Could it be that spring has sprung here in the Upper Peninsula?


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I am hoping that Buddha is smiling in my garden ‘casue winter is finally over. Remember to visit kimnixon.com during the warm months of the Upper Peninsula to keep up with my non-winter activities.

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I have a series of photos called, In My Own Backyard. This shot is so priceless to me. The Mourning Doves have graced our apple tree, pond and waterfall but now they have brought another couple with them. Their peaceful coo coo is calming. This means the ice on the pond has melted. Spring may be here.

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