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I remember when a day came along that was damp, snows thawing, and I was under-the-weather, a pot of homemade soup and a cozy blanket was enough. There might have been a stack of books, a journal, and re-runs of Star War movies playing on the tube.

But I am driven today and I was up before 8 am and off to get my hair-cut, by the clinic to get my TB skin-poke checked, to Target and then home to work on applications for Artist-in Residence(s) at a couple of parks. Editing photos, updating bios, and I still haven’t made any soup. I don’t have a blanket on my lap either, and it is darn cold in this room. But the snow has melted off the skylight and I watered the green plants I call friends.

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Last night a deer crossed at Jasper and Snow streets while a yellow dog sat attentive. The skies were dark and the streets cleared of snow.

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