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I dropped a photo by SnowBound Books that I took during Ladies’ Night last November and the sun popped out from behind the clouds, blue skies, oh my! I took this shot directly into the sun and then used filters in PSE to darken the shadows a bit. The vignetting of the photo was already present. I took this with my tiny running camera from Casio it fits in my trim, athletic, winter coat (smile).


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I have been a little buried by work, freelance assignments and with no car things have been even more difficult to accomplish both this blog and The Dailies are suffering.

On Wednesday I took the bus! Holy Wah. I left the house and grabbed the “South” bus which headed up into downtown Marquette  then I was on the “North” bus (which is the same bus, actually, you just pay twice). I got out on a corner and walked to the YMCA. Then after turning in my Biggest Loser registration at the “Y” I walked to Marquette General Hospital and waited for the a bus and then transferred to the “North Mall” bus. Then I waited at the mall for the “Shopper Bus” t go to Wal-mart. I had 30 minutes to shop and turn around and find the buses to take me home (sigh). This took all afternoon, of course.

We had 28-straight days of snow before the sun popped out for us last week. The photo is of plow piles in the New Bell Hospital parking lot. Photo taken on Saturday, January 10, 2009.

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