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I went on a recovery walk today. Not my usual 10k run. Why? I have been afflicted with some sort of intestinal distress with pain over my gall bladder. It will be after the holidays before I know what is up. So for now I watch my food and my activity. I rest. I walk. I capture images. Not too different from a usual day (wink).

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USCG Mobile Bay, Coastie Curves, Photo by Kim Nixon

The USCG Mobile Bay broke the ice into Marquette’s Lower Harbor this weekend. The sun glittered on the fresh cut ice. I was surprised to see how thick the ice was 4-8 inches. I guess last weekend’s Ice fisherman were safe afterall. Whew!

This is a sure sign of spring’s coming! The Great Lakes shipping season will soon be underway.

USCG Mobile Bay, Ice Hulled, photo by Kim Nixon

USCG Mobline Bay, Prop, Photo by Kim Nixon

Fractured, Photo by Kim Nixon

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Ice Floes, Marquette Michigan, photo copyright Kim Nixon

Wednesday was my day off and luckily it was one that fulfilled all areas of my life–I was needing that. I was able to take the last digital captures, up in Ishpeming, needed for a project that can now be invoiced. I wrote my column for Health and Happiness. I was able to organize my thoughts for the Wealthy Spirit group. And I got to take photos for me, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. And soak up some sun on a day that wasn’t below zero.

I heard whale songs, the sound came from under the ice, the hum. The chant. Followed by the sound of crackling as ice froze. Of course I believe in fantasy. But if you heard the song…you too would have watched for whales.

Ice Forming, Marquette Michigan, photo copyright Kim Nixon

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