Horsing Around



Today after Cross Country Skiing with Mike we headed to take photos of horses in snow. It was a lovely day and felt like Christmas. It was my first time on skis fitted to me. I had been frightened to go out alone and Mike came with to the Blueberry Ridge Pathway on County Road 553. Then visiting these horses after our ski-day felt like candy-icing on cookies!


But an empty shell…



I went on a recovery walk today. Not my usual 10k run. Why? I have been afflicted with some sort of intestinal distress with pain over my gall bladder. It will be after the holidays before I know what is up. So for now I watch my food and my activity. I rest. I walk. I capture images. Not too different from a usual day (wink).

Healthy Buck



Went hunting with my camera and found this healthy, and very fat, eight point buck. The winter is early but Naturalists and the DNR are predicting a hard winter and a significant impact to the Upper Peninsula Deer herd. It is a good thing the trees were heavy with apples this year. It certainly helped fatten the herd.

Migraine @ Sunset


Taken on Presque Ilse at sunset. Normally a migraine would have sent me to a dark room for relief. But today I was drawn by light, the angle, the tone and hue.

Minus 0 Series



I started a Minus 0 set at Flickr in honor of our first cold day of December. I took this photo while travelling between schools. I was the orchestra teacher at the Middle School and High School today. I quickly drove to the lake shore took less than 2 dozen shots. I have played with the post processing of these shots tonight. Check out the whole set if you like–as the nite goes on more may make it up.

In Training for Winter


Marquette offers ample locations for training. Winter will not catch these skiers unprepared. I want to get into Cross Country Skiing but this has been a difficult year for me economically. I was on Presque Isle today to run. I am up to 10K runs and would love to do the 12K Noque this year. But I need to win the lottery, first.

For blogs on my running and trails in Marquette County visit www.runningmarquette.com.twotrain-2028

November 2, Snow Clouds?


Off work at 5pm and sun setting, already. The wind turned cold and Teal Lake rough. My hands beet red and chapped in minutes. Snow is predicted, perhaps it will blow right on by! The leaves are all off the trees at Al Quaal accept some tough Oak leaves that will try their best to ride out winter. There was open seating for tonight’s sunset.